Assam Government tables a bill to close down all state-run madrassas

Assam Government Closes madrassas

Assam Government Closes madrassas;- The Assam government on Monday postponed a bill to annul all state-run madrassas and convert those into general schools with impact from April 1, 2021.

In spite of a unified resistance mentioning criticisms against it, Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma postponed The Assam Repealing Bill, 2020, on the main day of the three-day winter meeting of the gathering.

The bill proposes to cancel the two existing acts – The Assam Madrassa Education (Provincialisation) Act, 1995 and The Assam Madrassa Education (Provincialisation of Services of Employees and Re-Organization of Madrassa Educational Institutions) Act, 2018.

“This bill isn’t to control and annulment the private madrassas,” Sarma stated, adding that incorporation of “private” in the ‘Articulation of Objects and Reasons’ of the bill was a misstep.

Assam Government Closes madrassas Forever
Assam Government Closes madrassas Forever

He said all madrassa foundations will be changed over into upper essential, high and higher optional schools with no difference in status, pay, recompenses and administration states of the instructing and non-educating staff. There are 610 state-run madrassas across Assam, the priest had prior said.

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