Best Books To Read Now to Understand India-china Conflict; Top 5

India china conflict Books
India china conflict Books

Best Books to Understand the India-China Conflicts

India-China Conflict Books;- The Indian armed force on June 16 said that 20 of its fighters were murdered in conflicts with Chinese soldiers along the outskirt it imparts to that nation. The passings were the perfection — rather, heightening — of a weeks-in length stalemate between the two nations in the western Himalayas.

India and China have for quite some time been enthusiastic exchange accomplices however share a fierce history in vital issues since the brief yet wicked war battled in 1962. An uncomfortable détente won and the doubt seeded by that contention has frequently erupted into conflicts at stretches from that point onward. The two nations have attempted a few times since the mid 1990s to settle their fringe contest without progress.

Presently would be a decent an ideal opportunity to teach ourselves on the chaotic history between the two nations.

Here are 5 five books that You must read to understand the present condition and how it can be resolved. India-china present situation is not new, this has been chaotic since the independence of both the countries due to unclear border demarcation.

I would strongly suggest you to read all these books if not in a week then in a month or so but do read these. All these books are available on amazon. I Personally use Amazon because of its best price, fastest delivery and awesome return policy. If you wanna buy any of these please click on the buy now button or on the books thumbnail.

India’s official history of the war of 1962

Written by PB Athale and SN Sinha, this record is as yet arranged for reasons not known. This is free available on the internet. Download from the below link and read now. This is genuinely an unquestionable requirement read to see how India wound up at war with China

Download With this Link;

War in High Himalaya: The Indian Army in Crisis, 1962

This book is essential reading for understanding the Indian military job in 1962. written by DK Palit, War in High Himalaya: The Indian Army in Crisis, 1962 is a splendid and puncturing take a gander at how the China-India strife fits into India’s greater vital desire and points.

War and Peace in Modern India

To comprehend the war in the more extensive setting of Indian state-building, it will be a smart thought to go to Srinath Raghavan’s War and Peace in India. The book “draws on a rich vein of undiscovered archives to enlighten Jawaharlal Nehru’s way to deal with war and his endeavors for harmony”, as indicated by Ragahavan concentrates on each contention and demonstrates how key choices for every emergency came to be characterized in the light of the previous ones, as per the book proposal site.

The CIA’s Secret War in Tibet

It is a beautiful glance at India’s job in Tibet, and how the CIA attempted to start an uprising there. Composed by Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison’s The CIA’s Secret War in Tibet, the book transports readers from the American mystery administration organization’s preparation camps in the Colorado Rockies to the Himalayas, chronicling the office’s furtive assistance in tying down the Dalai Lama’s protected entry to India.

The Great Game: On Secret Service in High Asia

At last, an unquestionable requirement read book on how pioneer spies and swashbucklers bolted horns on the top of the world, making the fringe clashes acquired by free China and India. Diminish Hopkirk’s The Great Game: On Secret Service in High Asia is a clear record of The Great Game — an expression deified by Rudyard Kipling—that happened inside 20 miles of India.


All these books have been written very thoroughly. You might find some of these books a lil bulky but that’s because India-China Conflict can’t be understood in 100 pages or so. These are best rated books by multiple media channels and reading community.

Happy Reading.

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