Lady Gaga’s “sour Candy” Featuring BLACKPINK Is Exactly the Song We Need

Lady Gaga sour Candy
Lady Gaga sour Candy

Lady Gaga Sour Candy Featuring

Lady Gaga Sour candy;- Lady Gaga’s eagerly awaited Chromatica collection has been gradually turning out in the course of the most recent week, and it is actually what we as a whole need at the present time.

After her single “Downpour on Me” including Ariana Grande made a colossal, uh, sprinkle, one L. Gaga concluded she wasn’t finished giving her little beasts endowments this month. Enter: “Sour Candy” including BLACKPINK. With the high-vitality pop sounds from the two sides, its nearly just as Lady Gaga was constantly intended to sing with the K-Pop band.

In April, the Chromatica tracklist released uncovering that BLACKPINK would be included on a tune. While no video has been discharged at this point, the melody is acceptable to such an extent that inside its hour discharge the tune had about a large portion of a million plays on YouTube alone. Certainly worth the pause.


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