Lucy Hale and Colton Underwood

Lucy Hale and Colton Underwood News

Lucy Hale and previous Bachelor Colton Underwood have allegedly been hanging out together in California—however it’s muddled at the present time on the off chance that they’re anything over just companions.

TMZ has photographs of the two on a climb in the Pacific Palisades, and their sources state Hale and Underwood have been going on “easygoing climb dates” in the course of the most recent couple of weeks.

In an ongoing meeting with Entertainment Tonight, Hale said she’s single, and we’ll trust her. “I feel more single than any other time in recent memory, however it’s fine,” she said.


“On the off chance that anything during this time it’s instructed [me]—in light of the fact that I’ve done the entire thing essentially alone and I used to loathe being separated from everyone else—I feel the main way I’m going to date somebody next is on the off chance that they improve my life since I’m so glad right currently having my own everyday practice.”

“I’m on a dating site now I still never got together with any of them since I’m excessively anxious,” Hale proceeded. “In all honesty, I’m truly bashful in that sense.”

Also, she says she has a sort, kind of. “I truly don’t have a sort. I’ve dated everything in all cases,” she said. In any case, she is searching for “somebody who’s certain and agreeable in their skin.”


“There’s such a large number of shaky men out there, and I can’t do that. I’ve dated that. Try not to need that,” Hale proceeded. “Hard working attitude, drive, enthusiasm. I couldn’t care less what you do, simply love it. Do everything a 110%. A decent good compass.

Only a decent individual. It’s straightforward what I’m searching for, however that is hard. Straightforward characteristics are more earnestly to discover. I’m not making due with anything short of what I’m searching for. Since why? For what reason would I?”

We do realize Hale has been an enthusiast of Underwood’s before. “I’m excessively energized that Colton’s the Bachelor,” she told People in 2018. “He’s healthy. He’s a hero it appears as. He’s extremely delightful to watch.”


Underwood, obviously, as of late said a final farewell to Cassie Randolph. “Cassie and Colton have an extraordinary fellowship, yet that is what it was really going after of their relationship,” a Us Weekly source said in May. “It was actually quite hot and overwhelming.

They simply made great accomplices and extremely extraordinary companions. Companions around Colton and Cassie knew this was desiring some time. They were practically just flat mates close to the end.”

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