Chintu Ka Birthday Review: Fine Writing, Good Acting..Details Here

Watch Chintu Ka Birthday Review
Watch Chintu Ka Birthday; Review

Chintu Ka Birthday Movie

Cast: Vinay Pathak, Tillotama Shome, Seema Pahwa, Bisha Chaturvedi, Vedant Chibber, Khalid Massou, Reginald L Barnes and Nathan Scholz

Executive: Devanshu Kumar and Satyanshu Singh

Rating: 3 Stars (out of 5)


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A kid turns six. His folks, sister and grandma plan a birthday celebration, even more in light of the fact that the earlier year’s treat was left. Be that as it may, will it be a drop in the bucket this time around? The group of water-channel sales rep Madan Tiwari (Vinay Pathak) is abandoned in war-torn Baghdad.

The focal reason of Chintu Ka Birthday, composed and coordinated by Satyanshu and Devanshu Singh and created by the men behind All India Bakchod (AIB), is sufficiently basic, yet the film makes intense to extend its investigate and welcome the pernicious impacts of war on a family in an unlucky spot.

Strong exhibitions from Pathak and his two demonstrated co-on-screen characters (Tillotama Shome and Seema Pahwa), a clean screenplay that does well to remain inside its cutoff points and a subject that holds a reasonable piece of water particularly considering the occasions we live in, where epidemic and triviality are exasperated by inept, self-serving rabble rousers who blossom with planting seeds of division and scorn.


Chintu Ka Birthday, gushing on Zee5, is in way an effortless issue, however it has an obviously feel-great air about it. Setting the story in Iraq is a simple way out. It empowers an excessively summed up articulation on the predicament of individuals caught in a contention zone. The creators of the film don’t need to step on political toes nearer home while making the correct commotions.

What the film says (the discourse is in Hindi, English and Arabic) is past fault, yet the crystal through which it verbalizes its interests is a touch excessively practical. Henceforth its festival of human versatility doesn’t ring completely obvious. In any case, the film has recently enough warmth to have the option to paper over the wrinkles.

It is simple when you utilize two sturdy American warriors (Reginald L Barnes and Nicholas Scholz) to speak to the monstrous substance of military intrusion or present a misled Shia political lobbyist (Khalid Massou) to suggest Saddam Hussein’s rough cleanse of rivals. The US armed force pair, equipped with every kind of weaponry, flatboats into the Tiwari home and continues to show the degree of their capacity.


Latest Movie Chintu Ka Birthday maintains the attention on the hardships that the family faces over the span of a large portion of a day during which every one of their arrangements appear to be bound to unhinge. A birthday slam may appear to be a harmless preoccupation in itself, however when it is sorted out in the midst of perpetual gunfire and bomb blasts it expect unfavorable extents.

Chintu Ka Birthday Trailer

Happening in April 2004, a year after the US-drove intrusion of Iraq and four months after the catch of Saddam Hussein, Chintu Ka Birthday, a low-spending try, doesn’t have the scope and profundity of a Life is Beautiful. Not that it even attempts.

The activity happens altogether inside a house and the main outside shots in the film are of a dusty path that prompts an iron entryway, which is the passage to the Tiwari home. A vital flashback grouping clarifying the conditions in which a man from Bihar wound up in Iraq with a family and that presently can’t escape the nation is conveyed as an enlivened section that envelopes an in any case restricting story in fleeting happiness.


As per the administration in New Delhi, the remainder of the Indians have been cleared from Iraq. This specific family has been overlooked and left to battle for themselves. The develop is shortsighted, yet the destiny of the Tiwaris arouses sympathy as a result of the all inclusive nature of their battle.

As war seethes around them (all off-camera obviously), they should keep their head above water and clutch the conviction that their wretchedness will reach a conclusion one day. Theirs is an account of all casualties of contention, military or something else, trapped in a limbo and taking care of a world overwhelm by militarism.

Madan, who ventured out from home numerous years prior to open for business in Iraq, is no Guido Orefice. Be that as it may, he is a dad OK. He will take the necessary steps not to let anything impede his child’s little delights. His significant other Sudha (Shome) and relative Sarla Devi (Pahwa) are his willing associates, similar to his little girl Lakshmi (Bisha Chaturvedi).


The kid, too youthful to even think about understanding what is happening (Vedant Raj Chibber is impeccably given a role as the bespectacled, rapturous Chintu) is unaware of the dangers whirling around him. He is upbeat and secure in the information that everything is in preparation for a hard and fast festival.

Sentimentality for the country is a string that goes through Chintu Ka Birthday and appears as an intense longing. The ringtone on Madan’s cell phone is an instrumental variant of Sare jahaan se achcha Hindustan hamara. His little girl is mature enough to detect the urgency of her folks. Her mom and grandma can just pine for what they want to recapture.

They sing a people tune sans melodic backup (Shome and Pahwa loan their voices to it), which fills in as a proportion of the weight of their misfortune. What the two ladies murmur means “o little koel, my dear flying creature, if it’s not too much trouble drop two or three berries”. Be that as it may, in this war-assaulted land, bothered by death and pulverization, there are neither warblers nor delectable berries.


A birthday celebration at risk for being messed up is a tolerable similitude for a nation under attack. For all its convenient trappings, it is unquestionably worth praising gratitude to the lift it gets from the capable composition, fine acting and all-round specialized artfulness.

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