Yogi Adityanath Bans Migrants coming back to UP on Foot, says govt effectively connected with to bring them back securely

Yogi Bans Migrants Entry in UP
Yogi Bans Migrants Entry in UP

Yogi Bans Migrants Entry; Lucknow News Covid-19

Lucknow News: In perspective on the rising number of coronavirus cases, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday requested his authorities to guarantee no transient worker going by walking ought to enter the state. He additionally declared that the state government is effectively occupied with bringing the transients back securely to their homes.

An announcement gave by the Chief Minister’s Office read, “The Chief Minister has given clear cut headings to the authorities to guarantee that no transient work comes back to the state while going by walking. He guaranteed that the state government has been effectively occupied with bringing them back securely.”

The request has come in the wake of a disturbing increment in COVID-19 cases and keeping in mind that the state governments keep on forcing lockdown and exercise alert in taking abandoned individuals back to the state, transient specialists have been attempting to arrive at the places where they grew up by walking without legitimate transportation.


After Yogi Adityanath’s requests yesterday, somewhere in the range of 172 laborers were halted by the UP Police on an interstate in UP’s Bulandhshahr while they were attempting to walk home from Delhi and Noida.

The police additionally halted many transient specialists, who were on their path home in UP from neighboring states like Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan, in another town in Firozabad

The Uttar Pradesh government has securely brought back more than 5 lakh vagrants from different states and is expecting another two lakh transients after the Center began unique trains a week ago.


17 transients kick the bucket in train mishap in Maharashtra

Prior in the day, at any rate 17 transient laborers kicked the bucket after a cargo train ran over them while they were resting on the railroad tracks in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad. As per reports, the vagrants were strolling along the railroad tracks to reach Madhya Pradesh and had rested at the tracks the previous evening after fatigue.

Leader Narendra Modi took to his official Twitter handle and communicated anguish at the passings of the transients and guaranteed that all the essential assist will with being given.

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