3i Infotech Late To Relist, Investors Worried; Relist Date, Price.?


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3i infotech news; last month on 27th August 3i infotech share got invisible for trading from various trading platforms. Though it was not very surprising for the investors because 3i infotech had already announced its delisting.

But now when the company is taking too long to announced its relisting date INvesotrs and specially Retial Investors are worried about the future of their investment.


Don’t worry we would talk in this about whats going to happen in 3iinfotech news;

Future of 3i infotech News

So, as per the company’s recent announcement, the company is going through capital restructuring. The process is tend to be long and its not like the company is willingly doing anything in this.


Company and its officials have said that they will be increasing the face value and by that way they will reduce the shares in the market. let’s say if you have 100 shares of 3i infotech, then aster relisting news of 3i infotech you will only get 10 share.

3i infotech news today

Capital reduction would be the result of this capital restructuring. Though they have also said that after relisting news of 3i infotech the trading prices would be much higher then now. so investors don’t lose much of their capital.


Its also expected that after the 3i infotech’s relisting announcement news the share would join the bull run and will trade much much higher then anyone is expecting. thats the reason people are comparing it to Ruchi Soya.

What should You Do.?

as a retail investor though you cant do much but to wait. for Now the relisting date is 3-6 months from now. Don’t worry about your investment into it. 3i infotech relist announcement would be very beneficial for you.


One prediction is after the relsiting do not sell the stock in any panic becasue there might be huge volatility after the relisting.  

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