Self Made Millionaire; Here are 5 real ways to Get Quick Rich

get quick Rich
get quick Rich

Why To Read “Get Quick Rich’

Becoming rich is something which everyone wants. It’s like the unplanned dream. You know you want to be rich but you might not know how.? This Get Quick Rich Guide is one awesome Road map for those who have the guts to do what they dreamed of.

Lets unravel today some very important, simple and quick ways that will make you rich in no time.

Well before startinglet me tell you that too many people out there are giving free and paid tipsand tricks to be rich but this lesson is different from all those stupidlessons, we are not going to tell you that save more because that’s how you aregoing to be rich. Nope

Saving is the next partbut before that at least you have to earn more and becoming rich i aboutearning more not about saving more from your small income.

Let’s say instead of using car you take public transport to save money but do you think saving Rs. 100-200 daily will make you rich. Clearly not. And if saving Rs. 6,000-10,000 per month is your goal than this lesson might not be for you.

So, here we are talkingabout increasing your income and than making that earn for you. So, you canretire early, enjoy your life, and earn more while living the rich life.

Warning:- Reading Thoroughly andApplying these in Your Life might make you Rich

So, If you are focused on becoming rich focus on income not on saving, If you will be earning more, you automatically will be saving more.

Here I have writtenfive non-fiction tips for you on How to Become Super Rich. And if you applythese than these surely can make you up to the millionaire status :-

Invest in Yourself

This is the first andmost important rule of becoming rich. Every super rich person invest his/hertime, Energy, money into improving and updating their mindset. If you read abook you gather something and that will surely make you money in the long term.

We all update our mobile phones regularly, what if we don’t do that? Yeah Right, it will be slow. Our mind works same if we don’t update our knowledge; our mind gets fazed and starts working slow.

Invest in yourself, regularly read books, join online courses, read newspaper, magazines etc. At least 2-3 hours daily for yourself.

Find the Right Job/Business

 People often say you can’t be rich working 9-5. They are right and wrong at the same time. It’s all about getting the desired job where ample of growth opportunities are available. If you are working in an environment where growth is just a word than there is no meaning of sticking there. Salary plus commission what you need to be super rich.

Don’t just work only on salary basis, demand commission and that’s how you control how much you can earn. And thats  how you also turn your job into your business without risk.

Coming to business If you can do it correctly nothing is better than this. But risk comes free with the thought of business.

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Get Advance whatever you do

People want to get richbut they stay average. How can you get something, which is only for the professionals?

Whatever you do justmake sure you can do it with great advancement and perfection.

There is a saying, “Noone is perfect” And with this they console the average. If you have thought tobecome rich you certainly are not the average.

Don’t aim the perfection but try to get better than yesterday, Every day.

Get Multiple source of Income

One source of income and you work with limited energy. But having multiple income stream you can be limitless as you can experiment.

Making efforts andgrowing in the existing job is a very good thing but what if you can add onemore stream of income where you work for only an hour  daily and can generate half or quarter ofwhat you generate in your 9-5 job.

Add growth to your existing sources and try to find some more income streams as well.

According to a researchon an average every super rich person has seven running and income generatingsources. So, try to find that seven sources that suits you and add growth tothat daily.

Hit 100K, then Invest the rest

First try to save 100k. Do you know why.? To prove yourself and others that you have the ability to earn and save that amount. Plus that would be like your emergency fund.

Once you do that justkeep investing the rest of the money at appropriate places where return andrisk are very calculated.

Don’t try to be superrich very quick, this way you can lose as well by choosing wrong investment.

Just aim to be super rich with time, Invest and see your wealth and income growing at the same time.

Try to get better from yesterday.


These 5 rules are very effective to make your ‘becoming rich dream come true’. But as they reading quotes wont make your dream come true like that reading the article and then forgetting it won’t work.

Apply these Get Quick Rich guide continuously for 3 months and I am sure you will see the results.

Comment yes if you are ready to apply these in your life and become super rich and No if not.

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