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Is Idfc first bank share a Multibagger stock.? Should You Buy.?

Mar 14, 2021

Is IDFC First Bank Share a Multibagger.?

IDFC First bank Share Multibagger; If you look at this statement many people are asking the same thing over and over again. This question is very popular among banking sector stocks lover.  And Why Shouldn’t it be so much popular.?

If you look at the returns it has given in a year You will  be shocked.  Multibagger stock idfc first bank share has rose from 17.7 to 69 rupees a share in just over a year which accounts around 143% return. Just look at the returns it has given to its investors.

idfc first bank stock multibagger or not
idfc first bank stock multibagger or not

Everything became possible because of its hardworking CEO V. Vaidyanathan. People Belive on its CEO more than the bank’s Fundamentals actually very few know and understand the fundamental situation of the bank but I think every long term investors knows about him.

V. Vaidyanathan has worked really hard to transform this bank into a retail banking. And results are before you.

So, in this Post lets see what other awesoe thing does IDfc first bank share has that it is termed as one of the best multibagger stocks of 2021.

About idfc first bank (Multibagger stock)

It was established around 1997 to finance infrastructure, focusing primarily on project finance and mobilization of capital for private sector infrastructure development. But then in that segment idfc first bank couldn’t do much.

V. Vaidyanathan then decide to transform the bank from that to a Retail banking segment and now you can see the difference.

does idfc first bank share a multibagger
does idfc first bank share a multibagger

Idfc first bank share multibagger or Not.? Finance Situation

Below is the most important Picture to make you understand the financial part of IDFC First bank. Look at it.

Idfc first bank share multibagger
Idfc first bank share multibagger


If you at the returns and the potential that this bank has It wont be wrong to say that Idfc first bank share is surely a multibagger stock of 2021. But Multibagger means it gives you multi times return that this stock hasn’t given till now.

Lets hope its investors invest in it only after looking its fundamental and not only on the popular fact the idfc first bank stock is a multibagger.

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