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SBI Bank FASTag: How to Apply for FASTag, Fee, Recharge Online

Mar 19, 2021


SBI Bank FASTag;- FASTags have been made obligatory by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for all vehicles the nation over.

This was executed particularly to lessen traffic at cost squares the nation over and move to a credit only cost installment framework. FASTag empower workers to pay the cost charge without pausing and pay with money.

To make it simpler for the average person to apply for a FASTag, the public authority of India has affirmed 22 banks to give FASTags the nation over.

One among them is the State Bank of India (SBI) which has been endowed to sell and deal with the FASTag record of clients. Peruse ahead to get some answers concerning the SBI Bank FASTag and its highlights.

SBI FASTag Online Application Process:

Bank-explicit FASTags are accessible at the individual bank’s chosen branches, cost courts and at a few assistance places. You can likewise get FASTags on the web.

To get the SBI FASTag on the web, one necessities to open a FASTag account with the bank. Peruse ahead to know the SBI FASTag online application measure:

Steps to Apply FASTag Through SBI Bank:

Note: The connect to the authority SBI FASTag site ( probably won’t work in specific programs. On the off chance that you can’t open the connection, open it through the most recent Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge program.

According to the authority SBI FASTag site for FASTags, you can visit any of the SBI’s Point Of Sale (POS) counters set up by the bank at cost squares to open your SBI FASTag account. Here are the means:

Stage 1: Visit any of the POS areas with your KYC and vehicle archives alongside the first records. You are needed to take your vehicle while getting the FASTag. Here is the rundown of POS/Agent Locations of the SBI from where you can apply for a FASTag. On the other hand, you can call their client care number 1800 11 0018, and they would have the option to guide you to the closest POS area.

Stage 2: Fill the application to make your SBI FASTag account and submit it alongside the supporting reports. The agent at the POS area will join the FASTag on your vehicle’s windscreen.

Stage 3: You would get a SMS with subtleties of your SBI FASTag username and secret phrase. Sign in with these subtleties at true SBI FASTag site to deal with your record.

SBI Bank FASTag: How to Apply FASTag, Fee, Recharge Online
SBI Bank FASTag: How to Apply FASTag, Fee, Recharge Online

Get FASTag from SBI Bank through POS or Offline:

You can get a SBI FASTag through the Point of Sale (POS) counters at assigned cost courts or close by regions. You can likewise stroll into any of SBI’s branches to get the FASTag. You need to convey supporting reports which incorporates your KYC records just as your vehicle archives.

Additionally, you need to take your vehicle to the POS to get the FASTag. A delegate will help join the SBI FASTag on your vehicle. To re-energize the FASTag account, you can visit the POS and pay with money to reload the record.

SBI FASTag Fees and Charges:

The following are the subtleties of the expenses and accuses related of the SBI FASTags:

Issuance Fees of the FASTag: SBI charges Rs.100 as issuance charge for all classes of vehicles. This incorporates all relevant duties.

Different Charges: When you apply for a SBI FASTag, a base security sum is charged by the bank which contrasts for different sorts of vehicles. This is refundable when shutting the SBI FASTag account. Likewise, you need to keep a base equilibrium according to the table underneath:

SBI Fastag how to apply
SBI Fastag how to apply

Documents Required for SBI FASTags:

The SBI FASTag is connected to a paid ahead of time or an investment account, consequently, Know Your Customer (KYC) archives are required while applying for the FASTag through the bank.

Alongside the KYC reports, you are needed to present your vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) and the application structure. You can open the SBI FASTag account through the accompanying two classifications:

SBI Fastag how to apply fee
SBI Fastag how to apply fee

SBI FASTag Online Recharge:

To re-energize your SBI FASTag prepaid record, follow the means underneath:

Stage 1: Visit the authority SBI FASTag site.

Stage 2: Log in with your username and secret phrase to get to your record.

Stage 3: On the new page, select the ‘Label Recharge’ choice at the highest point of the page.

Stage 4: On the diverted page, enter the sum for re-energize and click on ‘Pay Now’.

Stage 5: Choose the installment strategy and a spring up window will show up with the separation of the charges, click on ‘Pay Now’ subsequent to checking every one of the subtleties.

Stage 6: Once the re-energize is finished, a SMS warning will be shipped off your enrolled portable number with the subtleties of the re-energize.

How to Recharge Your SBI FASTag Online:

The following are the various ways you can re-energize the SBI FASTag prepaid record:

Netbanking: You can sign in to the SBI’s FASTag entrance and utilize the net financial office to re-energize the record.

Charge/Credit Card: You can likewise utilize your charge or Visa to re-energize the SBI FASTag account.

UPI Apps Like Bhim, Paytm, Google Pay: With more banks offering an advanced method of installments, you can re-energize the FASTag account through a few UPI applications.

Advantages of SBI Bank FASTag:

Here are a portion of the advantages of the SBI FASTags:

Profit 2.5% cashback on all exchanges on National Highways Toll Plazas until 31 March 2020.

The SBI FASTag is offered with a legitimacy of 3 years.

Re-energize your SBI FASTag prepaid record by means of SBI’s approved specialist organizations across India.

Online re-energize through a few techniques, for example, charge or Mastercard, net financial office, computerized wallets, and so forth

View cost installment history, exchange history, balance in the prepaid record, and so on in the client web-based interface.

SMS alarms for cost exchanges, low equilibrium, and so on.

SBI FASTag Customer Care:

Telephone Number:

For any inquiries identified with the SBI Bank FASTags, call the SBI’s client care complementary number: 1800 11 0018.

SBI Fastag Email Support:

Then again, you can compose an email to [email protected] and guarantee you add [email protected] in the CC field.

FAQs About SBI FASTags:

What is SBI FASTag?

The SBI FASTag is an electronic gadget that utilizations Radio-Frequency ID (RFID) innovation to deal with credit only cost installments from the FASTag prepaid record. The tag is appended on the top center of your vehicle’s windshield and it contains a chip and a reception apparatus inside.

Through the RFID innovation, the label lets scanners at the cost squares to peruse your FASTag record and charge the cost expense appropriately.

Is there a legitimacy period for the SBI FASTag?

Indeed, the SBI FASTag is offered with a 3-year ensure period.

What occurs if the cost charge is deducted twice at a cost court?

Contact the SBI FASTag client care complementary number 1800 11 0018, and they will raise the issue with the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) and resolve the issue.

Imagine a scenario in which my SBI FASTag isn’t perused at the cost square.

There could be two situations. One, the scanner or the FASTag peruser at the cost court isn’t working, in this way, pay with money and pass through the cost square.

Second, if your tag isn’t coherent, however other vehicle’s FASTags are clear. For this situation, advise the cost administrator to utilize the handheld gadget to peruse the tag, or you can simply pay the money and pass through the cost court. In any case, guarantee you educate SBI about the issue and the bank will raise the issue with the SBI’s POS holder to determine the issue.

Could SBI FASTags be utilized external India?

No. You can utilize it just in India.

In the event of a contest at the cost square, how would it be a good idea for me to respond?

On the off chance that the FASTag scanner at the cost square isn’t working, pay with money and the client care agent will disagree with the NPCI about the issue at the particular court. On the off chance that, the FASTag isn’t lucid, contact the client care and you will be encouraged to pay with money and the client care group will heighten the issue with the guarantor office and its POS holder, who thusly will supplant the tag, liberated from cost.

I have the RFID label fitted in my new vehicle. How to initiate it?

RFID or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) label fitted by vehicle producers doesn’t go about as a trade for the SBI FASTag. Just labels gave by the SBI can be used for electronic credit only cost installments.

How to understand what sum was charged from my SBI FASTag account?

Each time you go through NPTC cost squares, you will get SMS notices on your enlisted portable number at whatever point the sum is deducted. On the other hand, you can sign in to the SBI FASTag entry and check the equilibrium.

What occurs if there was a mistaken allowance? How might I get a discount?

You need to call the SBI FASTag client care complementary number: 1800 11 0018. The client care group will audit, and whenever discovered wrong, they will discount the inaccurate charges.

How would it be advisable for me to respond in the event that I have lost/harmed my SBI FASTag?

Call the SBI FASTag client care complementary number: 1800 11 0018 and solicitation them to give another tag. The equilibrium on the old record will be moved to the new SBI FASTag account.

What are the archives needed for SBI FASTags?

The records needed for a SBI FASTag are of two sorts:

1) Limited KYC Holder’s Account (not more than Rs.10,000 in the prepaid record):

• Photocopy of the vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC).

• ID and address confirmation.

• Passport size photo of the client.

2) Full SBI Fastag KYC Holder’s Account (not more than Rs.1 lakh in the prepaid record):

• Photocopy of the vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC).

• ID and address confirmation.

• Passport size photo of the client.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that you need to convey the firsts for check purposes.

Imagine a scenario where the SBI FASTag account balance goes underneath the necessary equilibrium.

You can move toward any of the Point-of-Sale (POS) area of the bank or you could re-energize it through online administrations like client gateway, net banking, and so on.

How to give up the SBI FASTag?

You need to give a composed solicitation to give up/drop/close the SBI FASTag alongside the current tag. If there should be an occurrence of destruction of the record holder, legitimate beneficiaries of the client can raise a case for the discount of. If the SBI FASTag is damaged, you need to surrender the tag and a new tag will be issued after charging the required fee.

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