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Suzlon News; Stock is in Tight Range, what to do? Target?

Sep 15, 2021

Suzlon Energy News

Suzlon Share price is continuously trading in a very tight range making a high of around rs. 7 and Low of rs. 5. Now Question arises what should you do with suzlon stock.? Should You Hold/ Sell.?

Dont worry we will answer all your quesries & if something remains let us know in the comment

Why Suzlon Share price is Falling or Not Rising.?

Suzlon Energy has many big and bad news that surfaced in the last month which made the stock tank more than expected. First of all its first quarter results weren’t as investors were expecting it to be.

Bad Quarterly Results & then Company latest project in Gujarat got in the way of furious Villagers & activists. Suzlon’s order book is already very thin and top of that ongoing projects are also facing hurdles. Which is why Its cash-flow is suffering.

Internally, there are not much problems but as soon as the stock tries to show some bull run stock market doesn’t support it. So if you see there are multiple problems at this time which is why the suzlon stock price isn’t moving much.

Suzlon News
Suzlon News

What Should You Do.?

Though Suzlon share price isnt moving at this time still it has given more than 100% return in a year which is decent. So, No matter if the stock is stuck at this time i wont say you should leave it.

Look at its financial Situation & balance Sheet and the company has drastically reduced its debt and The Net profit is also improving QoQ. Not Only this Suzlon is making improvements in other fronts as well like Order Book, Keeping its track intact and not taking too much debt to expand unnecessary.

Suzlon Stock’ Delivery percentage is also very good that is 46% monthly. Retail Investors seem interested in the company.


Suzlon is one of the stocks in Renewable sector which works in Wind Energy only and thats the reason why its fixed cost is high and its makes losses. At this time the Wind Energy market is growing with 2.8% CAGR.

I would say if you must Wait for your trend to come. The coming market is of Renewable sector and India is plenty of onshore & offshore location to harness wind energy.

Hold Suzlon For Long Term. Though I would also say that you shouldnt invest more than 2-3% of Your total capital in Suzlon energy stock.

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