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Why IDFC first bank share price falling.? Should You Sell You Stocks.?

Aug 28, 2021

Idfc First bank Share Falling

IDFC First Bank Share; If you look at the present trend of the stock, the trend is clearly bearish. Stock price of Idfc first bank has fallen from Rs. 69 to Rs. 40 Now and it is the high time to decide whether to stay invested in it or to come out?

Though, if investors decide to come out of this stock at this price they will be losing huge chunk of their capital in it.

In this article of Why IDFC First bank share price is falling we will be only talking about the reasons of it and whether or not you should leave idfc first bank.?

Here another question that’s boggling the investors is that What Happened to the statement of IDFC First bank share is a Multibagger is it really a Multibagger stock or just another gimic of the market to push it?

Lets take all the Questions One By One.

Idfc first bank share falling

Why Idfc first bank share price falling.?

If you look at the trend the stock hit its 52wk high and hten followed a pattern of Neutrality which was very systematic. After this cooling-off period it was supposed to move above RS. 70 to Rs. 95, that was its next target.

But There it stayed longer then expected the reason was people had started waiting for the Q4 FY20 Results. The Result was announced and no major growth could be seen. Investors lost their patience and some started offloading the stock which shook the price fo Idfc first bank share.?

That was the first reason because of which Idfc first bank started falling instead of going high.

Second reason came when Kumar Mangalam, Head of Vodafone-Idea resigned from his post saying company is under too much debt and no fresh equity can be infused.

He is Ready to write his stake of this company to the govt or any other financial institution as per Governments instruction.

Now When a company goes bankrupt the lender of that company also goes in shock. Idfc first bank’s loan exposure is more than 3% to Vodafone Idea and this made investors worried even more.

And Now the Q1 Results.

These are the reason idfc first bank stock price fell more than anyone was expecting.

What to do with Idfc first bank stock.?

Hold it. Its simple When company’s share price falls because of external reason there’s no need to sell its stock. Company or its management is not the problem, so no need to sell.

Now Should You buy idfc first bank share.? Its clearly a No because in the short term the stock isn’t gonna move much so investing at this time will made your money suffer.

It wont grow much in the short run, Just keep Holding your stake. Only Invest if you are ready to park your money for long term.

And the Quesiton of being a Multibagger, we will discuss that in Next Article. SO if you want that Please comment Below. Anyone has any question please comment Below & Do Share it.

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