Why Tata Motors Share Price falling Today.?


Why Tata Motors Share Price falling Today.?

Tata Motors Share Falling; So, Its been around 15 days Tata Motors share price falling. We will talk about Why tata Motors share price continuously falling down.? But Before that lets look at the current problem that’s heckling our Stock price.

Though we have already answered this question on quora for that you need to search why tata motors share falling quora.? But here we are in detail analysis on tata motors share fall reason.

Tata Motors stock price fall reasons

So, we have 3 problems that we have to consider before talking about the exact issue that


Why tata motors share is falling right now;

  1. Stock Market is very volatile
  2. Crude Oil Prices are too volatile
  3. Bond Yields are going higher

So, these are 3 issues that are prevalent these days and heckling not only Tata motors but overall the whole market

 And if we go into tata motors Share specific problems that are keeping it constantly Down;

  1. Auto Sales Number
  2. Few brokerages have downgraded the Stock
  3. Current EV Issue

Now That we have established the bullets why tata motors stock price falling these day lets talk about these in details.


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Tata Motors Share price fall today why

Tata Motors Stock Continuously Going Down Why & Should you Buy tata motors Stock.?

Tata Motors share fell more than 1.2% today after the auto goliath’s auxiliary Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) sales for January in the UK fell 42.8% . The enormous cap stock contacted an intraday low of Rs 317, falling 1.2% against past close of Rs 321.85 on BSE. Tata Motors share stands higher than 26 day, 50 day, 100 day and 200 day moving midpoints.

The Share has risen 260% in one year and acquired 77.14% since the start of this current year. Market cap of Tata Motors remained at Rs 1 lakh crore on BSE. Share of Tata Motors shut 3.20% or Rs 10.75 lower at Rs 325.10. In UK, JLR deals tumbled to 4,542 units from 7,938 units (YoY).


Panther’s UK deals fell 60.7% to 914 units against 2,325 units (YoY).

Tata Motors Share price falling

Land Rover UK deals declined 35.4% to 3,628 units against 5,613 units (YoY) In a month, the offer has climbed 64.26%. The new spike in the offer came after the auto firm revealed a 25.27 percent ascend in deals for January.

From Rs 262.60 on January 29, the stock has move to Rs 317.10, suggesting an ascent of 23.8% during the time frame.

Complete deals rose to 59,959 units in January against a sum of 47,862 units around the same time a year ago. Domestic Sales rose 28% to 57,742 units against 45,242 units in January a year ago. On February 1, FM Nirmala Sitharaman declared an intentional vehicle scrappage strategy to eliminate old vehicles in her third spending discourse.


Is it a Good Time To Buy Tata Motors Share

The eliminating of old vehicles will be a decent move for the automobile business since it will prompt more interest for new vehicles especially e-vehicles.

Tata Motors’ general portion of electric vehicles in its 2020 deals remained at 43.3%. The firm has said that EVs’ commitment is ‘ready for additional development in 2021 and past.

In the interim, Motilal Oswal has given a Buy Call Tata Motors with an Target Price of Rs 400. The stock exchanges at 3.4x FY22 EV/EBITDA and 1.4x P/BV. The business has kept a Buy approach the stock.

tata motors stock fall today


So this was all in why tata motors shares are falling.? I hope You are satisfied now with the reasons behind tata motors share price fall.

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